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Meet Thalia!!

This stunning young lady was the face of Sydney’s recent Eastern Dance Festival and with good reason as she is now recognised as one of Australia’s rising stars in the world of belly dancing. “This was the most exciting thing which has ever happened to me!” an excited Thalia admitted after seeing the poster and taking part in the popular festival.

Thalia has attended belly dancing conventions in Egypt and Turkey and has perfected her craft alongside world class dancers. Her most recent success came when she was one of a handful of Australian dancers chosen to perform with an acclaimed New York company in their production – The Silk Road. Thalia began dancing as a child with her mum who is no other than Muditha Kilpatrick – a Mount Isa girl who left in her late teens to chase her dreams across Asia. Older residents would remember her as Elaine – a pretty young woman who worked for Mount Isa Mines.

On 9 July, Mount Isa will be treated to a tantalising and exotic performance by the talented mother and daughter as part of the amazing “Arabian Nights” which is being planned as a fundraiser for 2016 Rotary Rodeo Queen entrant Sarah Brisbane. Sarah is delighted to be offering this amazing event to the people of Mount Isa as part of her Queen Quest fundraising campaign for Paws, Hoofs and Claws, Inc.

“Arabian Nights” is the brainchild of Sue Carson, who is renowned for creating unusual and spectacular events such as “Granite on Fire” and “A Bridal Waltz Through Time” which were talked about for years.

Says Sue “This will be an incredible and authentic experience staged within a Bedouin tent in a desert landscape. It will give everyone an opportunity to transport themselves to another time and place via a magic carpet.”

“We would love to see our guests dressing to impress in Eastern garb.”

Keep an eye out for more exciting details and don’t miss out when tickets hit the market soon!

Wonderful news!


Thank you SaviourLife - and well done to all of the wonderful rescues that were nominated, you are all deserving.



PHC Monetary Dealings

As a non-profit organisation with a registered charity status, Paws Hoofs and Claws are required to maintain transparency in our monetary dealings.


So what did we get up to in the last six months of 2015?  Below is a listing of our cashflow for the period.  Hopefully the next 6-month period will see a balance in the black rather than in the red.


One of our most recent fundraising ventures, for which we received a donation of $2000, was to provide volunteers to serve alcohol to patrons at the New Years Eve Rodeo - postponed to 9 January.


PHC would like to say a HUGE thank you to the organisers of the event - Mount Isa Music Festival for providing us the opportunity to assist at the rodeo.  The work our volunteers did on the night cannot go unmentioned - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


A December fundraiser saw us selling tickets in Christmas ham and beverage raffles over a five week period - a big thanks to The Buffs Club for your generous donation of $2000.  Your support helps us continue our work!


Tami (Secretary PHC)

14th January 2016

Queen Quest for Animals


Sarah Brisbane is advocating for animals as a 2016 Rodeo Queen Contestant!


To read more about her quest, please click here.


Wheatcroft, Bronwyn. (2015, December 18). Sarah Brisbane is advocating for animals as a Rodeo Queen Contestant. The North West Star. Retrieved from

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