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This young dog has been wandering in the area around Transmission Street across to Pamela Street looking for someone to take care of her.  She has been picked up on multiple occasions but PHC hasn't had enough carers to take her in so she has been released rather than being put in the pound.

However, her perseverance has paid off because she herself has found someone who is prepared to foster her until we can find a more permanent solution. Thanks Ariarn for taking in this pretty young waif and giving her a name and a place to stay. Aella is repaying this kindness by being on her best behaviour.... She is a quick learner and now sits on command and doesn't bark.

She is a gentle girl with a mild temperament and is affectionate with her rescuers and sociable with other dogs.

It would be nice to find Aella a home before 9 September as her new carers will be away for a month from then.


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