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Atlas Is Looking The Picture of Health....


Atlas was a bit of a mess when he came to us... He had a serious case of untreated mange over his whole body so was in great discomfort... We had been told that boiling water had also been thrown over him which hadn't helped his situation at all. Most of his body was red and irritated and oozing so, as a result, he was very smelly...  He was also terrified of a collar or lead so we had a bit of a challenge on our hands.


However, it is amazing what a difference can be made by the right medication and a healthy diet. It is now just over two months since he came to us and Atlas is a new man. His coat is growing back and his skin condition has improved dramatically. He has gained weight and he is so much happier which is so rewarding. (Thank you to our foster family for your care.)


He is a big marshmallow who has so much love to give... He is gentle with kids and is fine with animals of all sizes. Like most dogs who have been given a second chance he is grateful and well behaved.


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