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Bambi Becomes Frankie!!


It was only in March when we adopted out a Daschund puppy called Bambi. Unfortunately, she is back with PHC looking for another home as things didn't work out.... She was renamed Frankie and has grown into a young lady since I last saw her. She likes to be the centre of attention and is very keen to share her affection with those around her.


Bambi also has a fairly high energy level but that seems to be a characteristic of most of the Daschunds I have met. She is inquisitive and likes to keep up with what is going on and likes to be included in all activities. She gets on fairly well with other dogs even though she likes to assert her importance at the start. Most of this is for show and she quickly becomes one of the pack.

To meet Bambi/Frankie now that she is all 'grown-up,' ring Sue on 0456664255.


Bambi (Frankie)

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