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Banzai Joined PHC After Police Rescue
Little Banzai hasn't had a great start but his luck changed on Friday evening when he was surrendered to police. PHC then accepted him into care which was badly needed as he was very skinny with bones jutting out everywhere.
He has actually had a bit of trouble eating food so was Xrayed to see what was happening. It seems that he had eaten food and materials which were causing problems with movement through the intestines and constipation but the problem is slowly resolving itself.

He has been named Banzai by his carers - it is a traditional Japanese exclamation meaning "ten thousand years" or a long life so we are hoping that he at least gets to lead a long and happy life.

Banzai will be ready for a "forever" home when he has regained full health in a week or so. He is a lovely little fellow who is very grateful to find himself with people who care about him...

Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you would like offer him his lifetime home


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