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Sometimes There Are Just NO WORDS Which Are Adequate!!!
Thanks to a very concerned tradesman, who summoned police to an address today, Barry will hopefully live long enough to experience a happy life. This gentle natured boy is literally a SKELETON with his skin just covering his jutting bones....not unlike the skeletal remains you see dried up beside our highways. The miracle is that this boy is still alive and unbelievably he is still wagging his tail when anyone pats him or talks to him. Mind you he is so weak that he is unsteady on his feet.

Our vets have given him his new name of Barry and we hope that this is a lucky one for him. At PHC, we have cared for some seriously emaciated dogs but Barry is possibly the worst case we have seen with the exception of Blue who died 48 hours after we rescued him because it was all too late.

My question is this: "Why do people get a dog to do this to it?" If you no longer want the dog, then surrender it to a rescue group/pound rather than allowing it to suffer a painfully slow death. The really SAD thing is that this dog would still give its loyalty to his owner right until its death even though it is totally undeserved . As well as Barry, a young five month old pup was rescued and whilst he isn't quite as bad as Barry, it is disgraceful that a pup should have known so much suffering already.
How can anyone possibly believe that this level of neglect is okay - it is an act of abhorrent cruelty. The things I would like to say cannot be aired on a public forum but I believe that Karma is biding its time.

I apologise to anyone who finds these photos upsetting but they cannot fully portray the horrendous reality.


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