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If Bear Wanted To Impress, He Succeeded...

It was less than three weeks ago when Bear wandered up Abel Smith Parade and presented himself at Spinifex High. We picked him up from there and really thought someone would be looking for him as he was chunky and healthy but there has been no response...
Luckily for Bear, his good condition gave him the added strength to overcome Parvo which hit him just nine days after he had been on the streets in a high risk area. (Parvo symptoms will appear 5 to 10 days after a pup has been exposed to the virus.) However, Bear made a quick recovery and bounced back within days.

On Bear's first day with us, I put a collar on him and what a commotion that caused... You would have thought that I was trying to kill him as he bucked and twisted and darted this way and that and protested loudly.... It was obvious that he had never worn one previously and eyed it with total distrust.

So when Ben offered to take the lad for a walk on Sunday, and drove off with Bear in the car, I didn't think much of his chances of success. SO, I was very surprised when Ben came back and told me that Bear had been great on the lead and was in fact, one of the best dogs he'd ever walked...UNBELIEVABLE!! Bear had trotted up Pamela Street Hill beside Ben and then followed that up with Lookout Hill. The only encouragement he required was a big drink of water at the top of the hills. I was definitely impressed.


Bear is an enthusiastic pup of about 4 months and I'd say he is going to be a BIG dog judging by his paws... He appears to be a Ridgeback X. Bear is very smart and learns quickly and has loads of affection to hand out.


Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet a fellow with lots of potential.


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