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Hello all! I'm Bessie and I'm being fostered until my situation is sorted. I just thought I'd introduce myself and hope that you might drop around with some treats.... 

I knew I was a tad chunky but I've actually heard them using the word "OBESE!!!!" ...................OBESE!!!! How rude is that!

Apparently I'm on a weight loss programme and I am not very impressed. My old owner used to give me Monte Carlos every time he had a cup of tea but he's gone into a nursing home.... so now I don't even get to hear the rattle of the biscuit packet. Not only that but my meals have shrunk... I had heard all the products on the supermarket shelves were shrinking but I didn't really care until the problem affected my own meals.


They are even getting me outside to walk down the driveway ...It's a bl#*#dy effort I can tell you with my arthritic knees and hips. They keep saying "Come on Bessie, you can do it - it will be good for you.." Well let me be the judge of that.... I am much happier lying on the comfy bed under the air conditioner. I think I am beginning to know exactly how Spikey from Chihuahua Rescue felt when they put him on a diet.


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