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Can't See The Forest For The Trees???

We're going to reverse the meaning of this old adage which basically means "to look at the big picture and not concentrate on the individual items".

However, we WANT you all to look at the individual trees... They represent a fabulous range of healthy saplings just waiting to be transplanted into their permanent locations.

We have seven species available and these include Birch, Cedar, Larch, Olive, Oregon, Poplar and Spruce.... each one has their own set of special characteristics...
However, our trees have several things in common - they are all healthy and will quickly adapt to a new environment as they have been exposed to a variety of conditions to help them to acclimatise quickly...

Just what are these trees?? They are a litter of adorable Staffy X puppies with delightful personalities... They are happy little souls who love to be around people and all love their cuddles... They have all been with other dogs of assorted sizes and are therefore well socialised... I cannot believe that we haven't even had anyone to meet them yet as they are just SUPER CUTE....

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to secure your own personal tree.


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