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If you enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and a biscuit, we have a very special biscuit for you... This "Biscuit" has a rich buttery golden coat with chocolate buttons for eyes...and she is happy to sit quietly by your side while you enjoy your break.


Biscuit was rescued about a month ago from the pound with her sister Sesame who was adopted almost immediately..... Biscuit is such a sweet and placid little lady who just enjoys company... She can sit quietly and look at you like she is taking in every word you say.... your ultimate friend who will never tire of listening. She has also been a gentle playmate for a somewhat plump and aging Chihuahua/Jack Russell.


In the short month she has been in PHC care, she has learned to sit patiently for her meal and she comes to you on command. For a pup who is young, she has a very mellow personality and is possibly a Labrador mix.


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