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Caring Samaritans To The Rescue...

After ten years of working for the welfare of animals under the umbrella of Paws, Hoofs and Claws, it upsets me that we are still posting stories such as the one which follows... However, on the plus side, there have been people who cared enough to step out of their comfort zone and take the action required to save two beautiful dogs.

A male and a female pitbull were left alone in a yard for 5 - 6 weeks with no one to look after them... If it were not for the actions of neighbours and even passers-by, who occasionally fed the dogs and made sure they had water, they would not be with us today. PHC were alerted to their plight and did notify authorities but, because of legalities, we were unable to remove the two dogs but we did feed them when we were able to from time to time.

Then fate decided to deal a winning hand when Melissa Trim was made aware of the situation. When she saw the state of the dogs, she made it her mission to help them - whatever it took... After pursuing several avenues, it became clear that the only way forward involved financial negotiation..The owners agreed to surrender the dogs after a sum of money changed hands (compliments of Melissa, Kerry, Sam and Meaghan).
Sam has been fostering the two dogs, now called Bolt (who is under a year old) and Tikka who isn't much older. Initially the two were very focused on food but have settled since quality food is available whenever they are hungry... They are looking magnificent now that their bodies have filled out and their coats are shining - a far cry from the emaciated dogs whose dull coats were infested with ticks just weeks ago.
As you can see from the amazing photos taken by Kerry Brisbane, these two dogs have made a marvellous recovery. Like so many rescued dogs, they are very forgiving and are so happy that their tails just keep wagging.... The only cloud is that Tikka is suffering from separation anxiety and does everything possible to stay close to her carer Sam... I think it is quite understandable after being deserted and left alone for nearly six weeks.

We would really like to see this pair homed together as they have a close bond after sharing a fairly traumatic period of time.... Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet the pair and to find out more.


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