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Hello everyone! I was found on the street on New Year's Eve by a young lady... I was pretty hungry boy so I was out looking for food. The young lady took me home and advertised my photo on facebook but I could have told her no one would claim me. Really there was nobody to take care of me which is why I was so skinny with all my bones jutting out.... I don't blame her for calling me Bones as it really suited my looks... She did make sure I had plenty of food which was a novelty for me and I enjoyed every last mouthful. I think I have even put on some weight already!


I secretly made my own resolution for the New Year and that was that I would find a caring home to call my own... 

Please help me to make this wish come true as I have found that I like to have a safe place to sleep and I really enjoy the feeling of a full tummy...It will be so nice not to worry about when my next meal is coming. 




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