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Good News.... Bowie and Captain Are Back in Mount Isa...
Safe and Sound!!!

Thanks to the help of some great people, we have been able to save two of our adopted dogs from an unknown fate in Townsville... An urgent call out encouraged two people to put their hands up to foster one dog each until we could get them back to Mount Isa. (A huge thank you to Jaana and Sue Gordon.... Sue has helped us out previously and always goes above an beyond to ensure the well being of our dogs...)

Then a delightful young Mount Isa couple who were holidaying in Townsville responded to our second post and agreed to bring back out two furry 'hitch hikers".... A BIG thank you to Jais and Stone who tell me that Bowie and Captain were such well behaved passengers and they loved having them on board.
This whole episode was both challenging and stressful but it was so worth it to have our two boys back safe and well....
Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way including those who shared the message to get it out to loads of people.



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