Half The Beans Have Been Consumed..

We purchased six varieties of beans from the local pound exactly three weeks ago today... Three of those little packages have been adopted and sprouted happily in their new homes which just leaves three to go. Limabean, Broadbean and Soyabean are still looking for a home where they can put down their roots and continue to blossom.

After a somewhat challenging start, our 'bean' litter is settling in remarkably well. They now know that food and love are available in abundance so there is no longer any need for sibling rivalry.. We are now seeing the gentler side to the three remaining pups which is what we would expect from pups which we believe to have some Ridgeback in the mix...

The pups have just reached the three month mark and since they are growing very quickly, they will most likely be a bit larger than medium.

To meet one of these specially tended 'beans' ring Sue on 0456664255