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RUCE...He's BIG but is timid and VERY afraid of men....

We don't know the history behind Bruce but we do know that it has not been good. Bruce found his way into a yard in Sunflower Street after being seen wandering in the river bed behind for some time. He was emaciated and was in a sorry state with multiple parasites but, worst of all, he was VERY frightened. After many days at the vet and nearly a month in PHC care, Bruce still flinches and trembles at sudden movements or unexpected noises. There is no doubt in our minds that this boy has endured mistreatment. He is up there amongst the list of badly traumatised dogs which we have taken into care over the years.

No one came forward in response to facebook posts and to be honest, no one really expected they would. Bruce warms to women fairly quickly and seems to be okay with children but his stress levels rise as soon as any man gets close to him, particularly younger men. He has adjusted to Glen and Melissa (his carers) but is still very wary at all times. Unfortunately for Bruce, his patient and understanding carers are going on holidays so we are in urgent need of a carer for him until after Christmas. Even better would be someone who would like to give Bruce a permanent home. We don't believe that too many moves will be beneficial to this nervous lad.

Bruce is definitely a challenge but often dogs with bad starts end up being very loyal and loving companions - they are just so grateful to be receiving love and care.
Is there someone out there with a heart big enough to help this special boy ... ring Sue on 0456664255.


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