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What the ?? What ARE They??...It's Raining Bubbles...

It's not often that a pup is confronted by something he has never seen before so it's little wonder that Bucky is looking a tad confused.. WHAT is this profusion of shiny transparent things floating about... It doesn't take too long before Bucky is pawing at the bubbles and then wondering where they disappeared to..... I'd love to know just what a dog would be thinking on his first encounter with bubbles.... I know they hold a fascination for all kids and I have to say that I am still rather partial to bubbles... (These days I can pretend that it's all for the grandkids!)

Bucky is our 'look-alike' German Shepherd on short legs and he has all the attributes of the breed - he is energetic, very clever and inquisitive about the world around him. He is also a very sociable fellow and gets along well with people and other dogs and would love to come and keep you company.

Bucky enjoys rides in the car, walks and other outings and he will even help you with the gardening if you need a little offsider. He is a bit of a novelty with his short stature but what a great conversation starter.... "What breed is your dog....he looks like a German Shepherd but..... ??" Imagine the stories you could tell....
To meet our entertaining boy, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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