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Must Be Something In The Water???

Lately we have been getting in a number of dogs which look like certain breeds in every way except for their height... Their legs are short and stumpy giving them the appearance of having shrunk...

Our latest boy with a shrinkage issue is Bucky who was found in the street over a week ago but no one has claimed him... His face and body are almost a classic German Shepherd but once again, he is mounted on short legs. Does anyone fancy owning a miniature ?? A few days ago, I posted Blinky who is a Red Cattle dog with the same height issue...🐾🤣🐾

Bucky has the smarts and the good looks of a Shepherd plus he is a super friendly and sociable little man... Our vet estimates his age to be between 6-12 months so he is unlikely to grow much taller.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 or Paula on 0499198949 for a "meet and greet."


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