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He's My Brother!!


Two little brown fellows were brought into PHC care by a concerned resident. We have been told that they were abandonned and had taken matters into their own hands. Apparently the pair have been roaming the streets for some weeks in the Townview area and have been scavenging food wherever they could find it.

They are like two peas in a pod and have obviously looked out for each other and are subsequently very close... The stronger one of the pair is Butch while Buzby is more timid and relies on his brother to take the lead and he will cautiously follow.


They are likeable little gents and enjoy being close by once they know you and trust you. They are a bit nervous so test the waters before they try anything new but they are also eager to please. I think the boys are enjoying the company of other little dogs and are definitely happy to have a variety of food readily available. However, neither was skinny, so I think they have provided very well for themselves given that they were on the streets for a while.


We would like to home this duo together as I don't believe Buzby would fare too well without his brother.... I'd say they are only about a year old and look like they have some Basenji in their make-up.

Butch & Buzby

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