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Our Latest Litter Is Full Of BEANS...

The litter of six pups which we rescued from the pound on Monday are a feisty bunch.... I suspect they may have had to previously fight for food as they certainly showed a bit of fire power when there was food on the table.

I have only seen this level of ferocity in a litter I rescued from Yalambi many years ago. Together they were a force to be reckoned with as the 'pack mentality' went into play. However, when they were separated, they were calmer and cuddly like all pups should be.

The same has happened with this current litter and as soon as the ring leaders were removed from their siblings, they exhibited a whole different personality. It was remarkable to watch the transformation from combative to lovable in a very short time. Luckily at just eight to ten weeks of age, these babies will now know love and care so will take that into their future. They are happy to be cuddled and are incredibly cute... As always we are guessing but I think they are Kelpie X with possible Ridgeback or Arab in the mix so at the very least they will be medium in size.

I have given them all the name of popular 'beans' and I hope they will be as important to their permanent families as beans are to our modern diets. There is only one girl but what a pretty little maiden she is and she is called Bellbean. The five boys come in two main colours - two are brindle and three are in a variety of browns.
If you would like to meet one of our "beans", ring Sue on 0456664255


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