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A Prickly Situation For Five Babes..

Five tiny defenceless pups found themselves at the pound yesterday so life was looking like a bed of 'thorns' for them.
Needless to say PHC was on the scene very quickly to whisk them away to a foster home where they would be spoiled with cuddles and treats. (Thank you to Sharon and family!)

They are all boys and I have given them some names to go with their spiky predicament. We've been told that there is some Sharpei in the mix but we just cannot see it... If I had to choose I would go for Cattle or staffy mix... Whatever, they are, they are the cutest little bundles of fur and seem to have very quiet and gentle natures.
Thistle has already been adopted leaving us with four cheeky little fellows:
Why not come and meet us - We promise we won't be "a thorn in your side." Ring Sue on 0456664255.


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