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Care For A Third Cuppa Tea??? Here It Is!!!

I'm sure you all remember the delightful BillyTea and Miss Chai.... Well I was really surprised to see a carbon copy of BillTea in the pound this week. Apparently the fellow who surrendered her to the pound said a mate had given him the pup which he really wasn't ready for...


The pup is the same age and size as BillyTea and her colouring and her nervous temperament are almost identical; so we are certain that she is another sister from his litter.

In keeping with our "TEA" theme her name is Camomile or Cami for short.
Even though she is very timid, we discovered that she loves kids.. While we were at the vet yesterday she gravitated to two young children and came right out of her shell... Like BillyTea and Miss Chai, I think she has a whole lot of love to share with the family who chooses her.


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