WANTED: A caring home for Argilla, aka Captain, aka Spencer...


Captain is currently in the pound and we need to get him out... This is a boy who loves to be around people and other dogs so he is finding it stressful to be in a cage at the pound. If you look at the main photo (taken in the pound this week) compared to the photos taken previously, you can see his stress. Sadly, through no fault of his own, Captain has had way too many changes in just a few years and this has added to his anxiety.


Captain came into care nearly 4 years ago when he was found behind Argilla Caravan Park - presumed to have been dumped... At that stage we named him Argilla. It took a while for him to be adopted as he was an older pup. However, he was adopted by an older gentleman who was home most of the time which worked well as Argilla (then called Captain) had some issues with being left alone after his abandonment. However, the gentleman became too frail to handle the younger dog so he went to a foster carer in Cloncurry for a while. Things went well until the carer took him to a barbecue one night where Captain discovered the joy of having a canine buddy. After that he would jump the fence and take himself down to visit his new friend as soon as his carer went to work.


This was concerning as he was crossing a major highway so he was brought back to Mount Isa and placed with another carer who had a large dog to keep him company... Argilla was then adopted by a young fellow who loved the dog and spent lots of time with him but a family emergency took him back to England so Captain was returned to PHC foster care. Not long after this, he was adopted by a young lady who had previously adopted another dog called Bowie from us. The two dogs got along famously and ended up moving to Townsville. I wish I could say "Third time lucky!", but unbelievably, the owner of Bowie and Captain had to return to Canada following a family crisis.


PHC moved heaven and earth to get these two larger boys back to Mount Isa so once again, Captain found himself back in foster care.... He was then adopted for a fourth time by a local couple but he has found it too hard to be alone most days while the couple worked. So he has recently started escaping again in search of companionship and his new owners found this difficult so he is now in the pound hoping that we can yet again bring him back into care.


He has to be the unluckiest boy in the world so it is little wonder that he is becoming confused and starting to suffer "separation anxiety". We would love to have a carer who is home a lot or at least has a doggie friend for Captain. A high secure fence would be an advantage as he has mastered the skill of jumping.

Please ring Sue on 0456664255 if you would be happy to give this friendly boy a chance. He is probably a Ridgeback X so is intelligent and good natured and a bit over 4 years old.