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Caramel (Samantha) and Brindle (Wills)

  • When Will It Stop !!!!

    Three weeks ago PHC received a call from a lady to tell us that a litter of puppies had been dumped about 5 kms out on the dirt road to Duchess. Although she stopped to pick them up, they were frightened and ran away. Unfortunately, she was on her way to the hospital to attend to her injured daughter so she was unable to look for them.
    Members of our group made five trips over the weekend looking for the pups but with the long grass and rocks, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack so we had to give up. Nearly two weeks later, a property owner and his son found two of the pups on Old Mica Creek Road - at a point parallel to the dumping zone on Duchess Road...They had managed to climb over some hills and find some stagnant waterholes in the Leichhardt River which probably saved their lives along with the dried up remains of a kangaroo skeleton.

    The pups were taken to the pound and as soon as we heard where they had come from, we knew at least two had survived but they were in a sorry state and clinging together after their ordeal... Thankfully, MICC allowed PHC to take them into care early and now, just over a week later, they are a happy and thriving little duo. Thanks to Tracy and Ron and their daughter, Tee, for giving these little sweethearts lots of TLC.

    We would love to see this sister and brother get a home together as they are VERY close and depend on each other.

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