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Cayenne - girl ( she is the only female with black and white colours)

Claire's Contribution - Cuddly and Cute Collection of Cherubs...
Thanks to our lovely Claire, we have an adorable bundle of fun, affection and cuddles looking for loving homes.

Claire joined PHC just over three weeks ago after being rescued from a street fight by police... She had been on the street scavenging for food and was on her way home with her booty when she was attacked by three other dogs which were equally hungry. Claire sustained multiple puncture wounds and this, plus her malnourished condition, meant that she was not in a happy state. We then found out that she was feeding nine pups but a decision was made at the vet that she was in no condition to continue without compromising her own health.

As a result, the pups were taken to one of our special carers who has looked after them wonderfully for the three weeks since. (Thanks Sharon!) The pups are gorgeous little bundles of love and cheek and are likely to have their mum's delightful temperament. She is a Bull Arab X so is smaller than a pure breed but she is friendly and affectionate. All of her pups are white with either black or chocolate markings and are getting healthier and more playful by the day.

It seems that the ones with the brown patches are likely to keep their blue eyes while the white and black pups have brown/black eyes. We have chosen the theme of HERBS for this litter so they are sure to add some flavour and enjoyment to your life. They are about six weeks old so will be ready to go to their new homes in a bit over a week but we are taking reservations in the meantime.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 or Paula on 0499198949 to meet the 'herb' of your choice.


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