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Seven Little Lives Saved


Driving away from the pound this afternoon, surrounded by seven excited little pups with so much living to do, I couldn't help but wonder about the person who left them there...... did you even glance back at them?


Who puts 7 babies into concrete and wire cages during the hottest days on record and only days before Christmas - some Chrissy present!!! Worse than that, it was just one day before the council/pound closed for two weeks so they would have been stuck sweltering in there if PHC hadn't been able to organise their rescue today.

(Thank you to Tania, Mia, Vicky and Chris and your families for making it possible.)


Even though the babies were lively and wanted to help me drive and test out all the equipment - wipers, horn, hazard lights and so on, they were in danger of being seriously ill.. They had a very heavy worm burden .....Cedar's gums were white so she was already seriously anaemic and in danger of internal haemhorage from hookworm infestation. It is doubtful that she would have survived more than a couple of days without treatment and iron rich food. Birch wasn't a great deal better.


However, on the plus side they are now all in caring foster homes where they have had cool baths, been fed and given lots of care and attention....


Cedar is a girl 


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