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"I'm BLIND.... But That Doesn't Stop Me!!!"

CELIO IS A TRUE RESCUE DOG IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD... Any owner would be blessed to have this special boy in their lives...

Celio is an absolute sweetheart and I really want to see this amazing dog in his own permanent home... His handicap doesn't prevent him from leading a full life and his other senses more than compensate. Even though he can't see, he is immediately aware if someone he knows is nearby. This is a happy lad with lots of love to give out.

Lucy has been doing a great job of fostering Celio and Major who have been great buddies... However, Major has just been adopted in the last week, and while it is great news for him, it leaves a big hole in Celio's life.
We believe that Celio was blinded as a result of being hit by a car just before we took him into care. In spite of this, he gets around so well, we sometimes wonder if he can see shadows; but it may just be that he is a very clever lad... Even when he has been moved to a new location, he has worked out the lay of the land in no time... Unbelievably, he can run like the wind, providing he is with other dogs (or a person) to use them as his guide.

Celio is remarkably fit and strong so would be a great exercise companion... His ideal home would be with someone who is home most of the time or somewhere where he has a canine mate to be his eyes when new situations present themselves.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you are ready to be a real lifesaver.


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