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Celio... An Old English Word for "BLIND"

Sometimes it is impossible to think with your head instead of your heart.... This is what happened earlier this week on Monday when I decided to bail out a blind dog.... I knew it was going to be a challenge but he appeared to be such a nice dog and it seemed to me that life had already dealt him some serious blows.

I tried to come up with a suitable name and discarded google suggestions such as Stevie and Wonder. Instead I chose CELIO - a name which originated in Roman times and in English means "blind." I thought it had a nice ring to it and besides it has other meanings such as 'heaven' and 'triumphant' in Spanish and Portuguese.

A huge 'thank you' must go to Caroline and Warren who have taken on the difficult job of caring for a blind dog this last week. It has been made even harder because language cannot really be used to compensate as with people.... It also seems that this is a fairly recent condition so it is doubly challenging for both the carers and the dog. Our vet believes that it would be in Celio's best interest for him to find his permanent home as soon as possible... In this way, he will not have to adjust to multiple new environments..... Having said this, he has surprised us by learning fairly quickly by trial and error..... I guess his other senses are kicking in.

We are hoping that Celio's story will touch the heart of someone who has the time and love which he needs.... Please share this post with everyone that you know so that we can get a happy ending for this special boy.

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