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Care For A Cuppa?


There is nothing better than meeting friends over a cup of tea and spending time having a chat..

We have called two of our new pups Miss Chai and Billytea to celebrate this age old tradition and these friendly little Aussie buddies would be more than happy to spend time at your side while you catch up with your mates. They are such a dear little duo that I am sure their tea has been sweetened with a dollop of cream and a generous spoon of sugar.


The reddish Kelpie girl is named CHAI and she is the sister of a blue Cattle boy who we have called BILLYTEA. They are both a little reserved at first but they soon warm up and show their friendly side. The pair were born in December so they are now just over four months old. I don't believe they have had any training but they are clever little dudes and will learn quickly...

They really just want to please so that they can be showered with lots of love. I think you will then see either of them really shine and put their best paw forward.

To meet either of these adorable pups, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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