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A Trio of Spirited Pups Need Homes To Lift Their Spirits... And Yours!


There are three of our little pups left from the litter we have named after spiritual entities.. Surprisingly the two tan babies called Fairy and Angel were the first to go leaving behind all the 'red cattle' look alikes.


Sprite, Cupid and Cherub wear coats which are a pleasing mixture of white with assorted red patches and speckles. They are all showing more of their personalities now that they are 12 weeks old. The only female remaining is Cherub who has been the smallest right from the start and she is probably a little quieter than her brothers who are lively little rascals. While Mum was a smallish Kelpie X, it is looking more than likely that Dad may have been a Red Cattle boy.


This means that these pups will be intelligent but they will also be more energetic than the average dog. Therefore, they would do well with an active family where they will get plenty of exercise and stimulation. The breed does especially well with early training as they learn quickly and like to please their owners. If you need a companion to keep you company on your walks or runs, you need to check out Cupid, Sprite or Cherub. As they grow, their speed will increase and they will be happy to match your pace.


Ring Sue on 0456664255 for a meet and greet.


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