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As Claire Regains Health, Her Personality Shines Through....

Claire has come a long way since we first took her into care, She had been rescued by police after being attacked in the street by three dogs. Not only was she injured with multiple puncture wounds but her body was emaciated and she was in very poor condition. It was also clear that she was feeding pups and fortunately we were able to bring them into care on the very next day. Claire has been given a nutritional diet with high protein foods and is now starting to look much healthier and happier. After a course of antibiotics, most of her wounds are healing and her fur is growing back.

As her coat starts to shine, so does Claire's happy personality. She is initially shy of strangers but, once she knows she is safe, her tail starts wagging and she is more than happy to receive pats and cuddles. Like all dogs who have been neglected, she is grateful to be receiving food and love and is surprisingly gentle.

We believe this young lady will be a great family dog and will enjoy playing and being petted by adoring kids.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you's like a "meet and greet.


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