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Move Aside Superman!! Clark Kent Has Joined Us!!

You'll remember that a week ago I picked up a litter of nine pups whose mum had been attacked on Clark Street while she was out looking for food. The mum (now Claire) was injured so the police picked her up and she came into our care. We could see that she was feeding pups so were worried but fortunately the owner rang us for help.

Just as I was leaving with Claire's nine pups, the owner "remembered" a tenth pup. Since this pup was over double the size of the others, it was clearly from another litter and "SURPRISE! SURPRISE!", there was another mum in the yard who had been feeding pups. We decided that Clark Kent was the perfect name for this super-size pup.

Unlike his namesake, Clark Kent is about 7 weeks old and is a gentle little fellow who likes to be cuddled and spoiled. His mum was a Bull Arab and he has already become a little chunky in the short time we have had him. He has soft white fur with a row of black polka dots running down his spine so has a very distinctive coat.
if you are looking for a snuggle bunny to join your family, Clark Kent could be the one.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet this cutie

Clark Kent

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