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🎉🎉UPDATE..... Thank you for your interest in this special little poppet ....she has a new foster carer taking care of her..Thanks Nadia and family!.🐾🐹🐹

Clover Needs Help After Being Hit By a Car...


This little white poppet was hit by a car earlier this week and sustained injuries to her jaw and head... Our vet has operated and wired up her broken jaw and discovered she has a hole going through to her sinus from her mouth... In spite of this, Clover is such a lively and cheerful little lady who has just bounced back so you would hardly know the extent of her injuries. 

Her owners have been contacted by the person who picked her up from the street but they don't want her back... Our problem at this time of the year is of course carers!!! She is currently safe at my place but I need to go away myself in two weeks so will require someone to take care of her for about 10 days.... She likes to be around people or other dogs.... If she is left on her own she does get distressed which isn't ideal for her as she needs to be kept a bit quieter... She will have medication and a special diet until she heals.... PHC will provide everything she needs.


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