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Two Determined Little Waifs


We had a call out from a lady yesterday who was feeding her relative's dogs while she was away. Two tiny little dogs kept breaking into the yard through the bars of the fence and making themselves at home... Why not? They were skinny and hungry and there was food to be had so they were not going anywhere. No one could work out whereabouts they were coming from but they were happy where they were.

PHC picked the little pixies up this morning and took them off to the vet for vaccinations and worming. They were also treated with Nexgard as they were covered in ticks.


For such little pups, they showed a lot of spirit and confidence and definitely showed initiative. They weren't being looked after where they were so they decided to set sail into the big wide world in search of better prospects and it looks like they struck gold.


They are a totally adorable duet who just love to be cuddled and lap up any attention. We believe that they are a smaller breed as they have small dainty feet but it is just a guess at this stage.

To meet Cyril and Cyprus, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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