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Daisy is a beautiful black Labrador who is friendly and smart.
She is also gentle around children and has the potential to be an amazing companion. However, Daisy has a problem in that she is an enthusiastic muncher and has been keen to chew anything which she could get her shiny whites into .... We believe a lot of this behaviour is down to stress so we are trying a few different avenues...
About a month ago, we bailed out the two eighteen month old Labrador sisters from the pound .... Unfortunately, we did have to split the two sisters due to our foster carer shortages; and this probably added to the stress they were already experiencing after being surrendered to the pound by their owners. We believe they were surrendered because they were serial munchers. After having spoken to several Lab owners, I believe this is a fairly common trait in the breed.

Yesterday, Daisy was moved to a new carer (Amy), so a big thank you to Amy for taking on the challenge and good luck. Daisy's previous carers , Penny and family, have shown Daisy lots of patience and care so she has calmed down heaps during her time with them.

If you have the time to spend training this very beautiful Labrador and it's a breed you admire, why not add Daisy to your family.... Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet her.


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