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Meet Dallas - "D" for Dynamo

Little Dallas is a Cattle X who escaped the pound after her bail out yesterday afternoon. The little lady is no shrinking violet so held her own with three much larger pups in the car...she was not going to give way to pressure!

Dallas is a pretty little madam with her glossy black coat adorned with blue speckling on her socks, face and scarf. She would be about 7-8 weeks old and at that young age she has already learnt the importance of going after what you need in life. I think she is a feisty little girl with a high level of intelligence. She will respond really well to training and will love to have lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

Cattle dogs can be the greatest companions of all if time is put into them while they are young. They repay your effort with loyalty and good manners.
To meet Dallas, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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