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Meet Deluxe and her five babies.  Deluxe’s first night in the pound saw her give birth to five little pipsqueaks. All baby animals under a certain age are automatically euthanised and in spite of the fact that we really had nowhere for them to go we simply couldn't leave them behind.


Our thanks to Sarah for taking mum and bubs in.  All are doing really well and the babies are starting to walk and explore their surroundings. Here are the five kittens along with mum - who is very placid and great with little kids.


They will be ready for adoption in the next few weeks but can be reserved now.


Deluxe (who is less than a year old ) is the most placid cat our foster carer has ever met. They all absolutely love her dog & 1 year old (especially the mum even though her Bub is always trying to pick her up and drag her around by the neck) and she recommends mum or babies to everyone, especially families.


[29th October 2016]


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