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Burketown Battlers Beat Hardship and Adversity...

Twelve little pups arrived on our doorstep on 12 December - just three and a half weeks ago - after a marathon trip which included an overnight stay in Cloncurry. (Thanks to Kayla!) They were in a frightful condition with residue parasites and unsightly coats matted with scabs. Thanks to two young ladies in Burketown who rescued them and fed and bathed them plus treated them with Nexgard, this was a great improvement on their initial condition.

Their first visit in Mount Isa was to our vet where they were checked over and wormed but were too young to be vaccinated.

Special shampoo was used to try to improve their coats (see early photos) but nothing much worked until one of our valued carers did some Google research. Rocharn was fostering four of the pups and spent time massaging organic coconut oil into their coats followed by combing and more baths. This was magic and in no time the pups started to look like the shiny and glossy fabrics they have been named for... Yes this is the "fabric" litter and the four boys and eight girls have the names of some popular dress materials. They are now 8 weeks old and their mum was a red cattle dog.. Judging by the variation in the pups, Mum may have been a "good time" girl with a few liaisons.

We can offer you a selection of fabric to choose from including Calico, Cashmere, Chintz, Brocade, Batik, Chenille and crepe - the girls - and the boys - Denim, Gauze, Suede and Tweed.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to inspect these beautiful rolls of textile. See the photos for a bit more information.


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