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Ten Little Orphans For Vaccinations...

These pups are totally adorable with their soft fluffy coats and incredible good looks..... Five are classic Rottweiler colours and five are in an unusual shade of brown with black overtones...

These babies have been handraised so definitely think they are partly human. This morning I really noticed that some personality traits are starting to emerge with Gooseberry and Raspberry being the most outgoing.
Surprisingly all the four boys were the quietest and gentlest - it is usually the other way around.
They have all been very healthy and lively apart from a minor setback for Raspberry and Blackberry a bit over a week ago... These two lost all their energy suddenly and needed a drip to rehydrate them and get them back to the playful and bouncy pups we were used to. They have bounced back quickly and now are making up for lost time.

The babies are now just over 7 weeks old...(07/07/19) We know there is a Rottie mum but are unsure about the other breed... The pups don't appear to be really big so we are thinking they'll be medium when fully grown.... Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet a delightful little 'berry'.


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