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The Many Faces of DIABLO!!!


Today I spent a little time with Diablo and managed to capture some appealing images..... Previously our photos haven't done him justice as he is a handsome lad. However, check out the new photos to see the many sides to this fascinating boy with his coat of many colours.....


Another injustice is possibly his name - Diablo is a Spanish word for "devil" and really Diablo is quite the opposite... He is such a good natured dog who enjoys life with enthusiasm... He is fairly energetic and loves a bit of activity and is sociable with other dogs. Diablo also loves to be around people and I would describe him as a gentleman, and an affectionate one at that.


It is time that Diablo had a home to call his own.... he is such a deserving fellow - he has now been in foster care for 454 days.


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