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DONALD - Debonair, Dashing and Dedicated.... The D's Have It!

One of our latest 'boys on the block' is Donald, named after a certain USA president, but he's definitely a 'dinkum' Aussie product. Donald is a delightful Cattle X (maybe Bull Arab) who was rescued from the pound a few weeks ago.

Donald is a daring adventurer and is diligent about discovering new and different activities to keep himself entertained .... Since he is still just a pup at around five to six months old, he has a dynamic personality and is dedicated to solving any problem which presents itself.

Like most cattle dogs, Donald is sometimes too clever for his own good and,as soon as he discovered a dislodged post in soft dirt, he did a disappearing act. Fortunately, he didn't stray too far and his foster carer has devoted some time to fixing the temptation.

Donald enjoys delicious treats and will try to follow directions so that he is deserving of a few extras. Donald can be a doting pet and share lots of affection providing there aren't too many exciting distractions.
To meet this dashing dandy, ring Sue on 0456664255.



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