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He's a Dog But I Think He Does Have Nine Lives....

Dr Pepper joined PHC when we bailed him out of the pound just under three weeks ago. However, we had crossed paths a few times previously when he was found wandering the streets and we returned him to his owner. .. I then received a call a month ago to say that he was being belted with a rock in George Street... The young lady who witnessed this was pretty distressed and managed to pick him up... He had a large bump on his head and a broken rib...She bathed and cleaned him up but he ran away before she could do anything else.
The next time he appeared he was in the pound but was very soon after in PHC foster care... I realise now that I should have called him Dart... This boy has learned to do runners and can dart out the gate in the blink of an eye...usually when you least expect it. Unfortunately, he has no road sense and was hit by a car travelling at 60km per hour in his first few days... I really thought he was a goner but after some initial screaming, he shook himself off and it was business as usual... I found this to be quite sad because it seemed that he was quite used to getting a battering and just getting on with life.
However, he has begun to settle and he is the most lovable and affectionate little fellow.. He loves nothing better than being close to you and is happy to sit right near you for the day... He is so placid and easy going, even "Pscho Dog" accepts him which is a newie.

Doctor Pepper will be looking for a new home in just over a week's time.... Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you are interested.

Dr Pepper

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