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The Magic of Microchips!!!! A microchip actually saved this boy's life!.


We saw and black and white dog in the pound - he was an older dog and a little battle scarred so not usually a boy we would bail out in preference to a pup. However we received a call from council personnel claiming that it was a PHC dog which we doubted as our President, Sue, is familiar with all the dogs in our care. However, they insisted that the microchip was in our name, and as soon as they gave me the name DRAKE, I knew he was indeed a PHC dog.


DRAKE had been STOLEN from a foster carer's yard over two and a half years ago when he was just a pup!!!!!


We had only had Drake about a week when he was taken out of a very secure yard so we had long ago given up hope of ever seeing him again. Unfortunately, we do not know what has happened to him during those 2 plus years but sadly, we suspect it hasn't all been good.... He was surrendered to the pound after a serious domestic violence situation.


In spite of that, Drake seems to be gentle and shows no aggression at all and he gets on well with other dogs... He was agitated when he came out of the pound but settled fairly rapidly when he realised that things were going to get better for him. Contact us to meet this burly lad.


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