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Preggie Effie Had It Tough But Proves To Be A Great Mum...

Our pregnant little lady (who we called Effie) had her first three pups around 7pm last night... Then, 12 hours later, at around 7am this morning, she managed to push out a fourth pup but this little one died almost immediately... Effie was in trouble so she was rushed to the vet by her foster carers - Falcon and Georgia.
As it happens our vet was already in surgery doing another emergency caesarean...
Xrays were taken of Effie to see what was going on and they revealed that she had a pup stuck in the birth canal and plenty more in her womb. As a result, a caesarean was to be performed as soon as there was a break in the traffic but things were crazy at the surgery today with all sorts of unexpected emergencies..

While she waited, little Effie was a wonderful mum and alternated between feeding and caring for her first three pups and wandering to the corner of the consultation room when another contraction took all her concentration.

However, as soon as it was possible, Gillian performed her second caesarean and seven more puppies were delivered - six of which survived...Unfortunately it was too late for the little one who had been stuck fast for too long....

As soon as Effie came round from the anaesthetic, she was checking and licking her surviving nine pups and allowing them to feed in spite of a MAJOR surgery and a huge cut.

Effie + 9 pups

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