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Elsa's E-babies Are Exceeding Expectations....


Our little family of pups, whose names all start with E, are starting to move about and some cute personalities are starting to peep through.... Since their mum, Elsa, is such a placid and easy going young lady, the pups appear to be following in her footsteps.


We are wondering if they are a little older than we initially thought?? It could be that dad is a smaller breed as they aren't as big as we would expect them to be from Elsa's size. Whatever their genes are, they are just so cute and cuddly and will bring their owners lots of fun.




Ten + One = ELEVEN = Elsa + ten babies!!

Check out our latest family to be rescued from a less than ideal situation... Elsa is the most ENDEARING American Staffy and her little family consists of five girls and five boys.. We have gone with our recent strategy of choosing names starting with the same letter for each pup so since mum's name - ELSA - starts with an 'E', then 'E' it is.


Elsa has shown herself to be an EXPERT with EXCELLENT maternal qualities so mothering her pups appears EFFORTLESS. She is an EASYGOING girl who is EAGER to please her carers and is therefore an ENJOYABLE and ENGAGING companion. She has been ENDOWED with the ENCHANTING looks of her breed and has an EXPRESSIVE face which makes her an ESPECIALLY loveable young lady. It is easy to lose hours ENCOURAGING her ELFIN little pups to feed and perform EVERYDAY activities... All in all, these EXQUISITE pups and their mum are bringing lots of ENJOYMENT and ENTERTAINMENT to those around them......


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