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ELSA - Our Very Own Lady In Waiting!


Elsa is a very beautiful young lady with very elegant good looks and she conducts herself with grace. She has so much affection to share with the people around her and is generous with her friendship... Elsa is happy to greet everyone with warmth and interest and even strangers are quickly drawn to her.


Elsa has one of those gentle and placid personalities which often hide a backbone of steel.. She does have strength of character and an occasional flash of stubborness shows that she is not too easily led where she doesn't want to go. However, Elsa is most often happy to go with the flow especially when she is with people or animals who she trusts and likes.


Elsa has returned to PHC after a change of circumstances which is always difficult for animals to understand but she is young enough to adapt to any changes in her life.


To meet Elsa, ring Paula on 0499198949 or Sue on 0456664255.


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