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ELVIS! What a 'Star' He Is....

Of the five pups found at the cemetary in late December, four have gone to their forever homes - leaving just ELVIS. Elvis left behind??? Unbelievable!!

Elvis lives up to his namesake with his dashing good looks and a 'boy next door' character. He has a great outlook and is happy and enthusistic... For a pup who is just under five months old, he is well behaved and very affectionate and sociable with people and other dogs... Elvis is also clever and is easy to teach as he is wants ready to please those who look after him.

Like most dogs who have been abandoned, he appreciates love, care and company.

All in all, Elvis is a "star" in his own right and would be a pleasure to have aroun in any household.

To meet this rising star, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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