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Emelda... Plucked Off The Street By Police...

Yet another little pup, alone and unwanted, has been found wandering the streets of Isa by patrolling police officers. Emelda was taken into care last Saturday after we were alerted by officers that she was in a poor state... True enough, the little girl was very hungry and a tad bruised and battered with a few scars to prove it.

One of our new carers is looking after this little lady and reports that she is becoming playful and cheeky... A big thank you to Erin who has stepped up at a time when we are struggling even though she has a lot on her plate.
Emelda is a little black and white beauty with possible Staffy or Labrador in her breeding. She is only about 8-10 weeks old so she is at the perfect age for adoption.

To meet this mischievous little sweetie, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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