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Black Cats And Bad Luck???? NONSENSE!!


Whilst there are still people who believe that black cats bring you bad luck, there are far more who believe that BLACK CATS ARE OMENS OF GOOD FORTUNE...

I did a little research on Google and found some interesting facts about our black felines:

As far back as 3100 BC, black cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt and treated with the utmost respect.....

SCOTLAND - If a black cat turned up on your doorstep, it was a sign of coming prosperity.

ENGLAND - The gift of a black cat to a bride ensured blessings to the marriage.. It was also believed that the presence of a black cat in the home of newly weds ensured a long and happy marriage.

FRANCE - To feed a black cat and treat it with respect brought continued good luck.

NORTHERN EUROPE - The presence of a black cat on a ship ensured a safe voyage and the safe return of all sailors.

ITALY - To hear a black cat sneeze would bring a stre

ak of good luck.

JAPAN - A black cat would bring a single lady many suitors.. In general they are believed to ward off evil spirits and draw good luck, wealth and happiness.

ASIA - black cats are a symbol of all round good luck.


ARE YOU CONVINCED??? PHC just happens to have a beautiful green eyed black cat called Emerald plus her three older black kittens... Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you'd like to have your own "good luck charm."

Emerald plus her 3 kittens

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