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Faith is a beautiful Wolfhound who PHC rescued from the pound last week when she became sick.


The pound kindly dropped her to our vet and a parvo test was conducted. Despite the test showing one of the faintest lines I have ever seen, it was still a positive result so the usual parvo treatment was quickly put in place (thanks Becky and Morgan!).


We were advised by the pound this girl came to them in a bad state - covered in ticks and skinny - and of course, incredibly timid and scared. The pound is a scary place when you are already easily frightened.


After only a few days of parvo treatment, Faith was already feeling better and was starting to trust us.... she would wag her tail when we approached and she was definitely warming up to the idea of a few pats.


Faith is now out of the vets and in foster care. We are working with her on overcoming her fear and distrust of people.... (she is now coming up for pats!). It makes me wonder if she has ever had that much attention before??


If you would like to meet Faith, please message our page or call/text Paula on 0499198949.


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