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FEN (formerly Mickey) Responds Well to Training!

Mickey was the exuberant, over the top teenager, who joined PHC six weeks ago when his older owners found him difficult to manage... Since then, he has been fostered with Dave and has been learning to react with a little more control and he has been adding some manners to his repertoire.... Dave has given him the more manly name of Fen and he is responding well to his new name.
Fen has enjoyed some outings including camping and is showing admirable restraint on a lead these days... With some German Shepherd in his breeding, he was always going to be a smart lad but, like all pups, he needed some guidance to point him in the right direction...

He is a magnificent looking dog with lots of the attributes of the Shepherd and will reward the time spent on him with loyalty and respect... I think Fen would be a great companion to have on the job as a workmate or as a running/walking accomplice.

To meet Fen, ring Sue on 0456664255


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