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It's a TRIFECTA !!! Three Wolfhounds in a Week !!
As a rule, we don't get a lot of Wolfhound X dogs coming into PHC care so to have three crossing the starting line in one week is quite unusual.

However, whilst they all show Wolfhound traits, they are poles apart in personality.
Firstly we bailed Murphy out of Mount Isa pound but we couldn't adopt him out due to a leg injury which required major surgery so it is only now that he is ready to adopt. This boy is all male with a rambunctious but also affectionate personality who is especially comfortable with men.

Next came Anieka who was abandoned and found starving in a yard. This golden girl was very timid of everyone but mainly frightened of men so she is taking a while to come out of her shell.

TODAY, we added a third wolfie, who just escaped a death sentence at the Cloncurry pound, after we received a call for help from the ranger there. We have called him Flash Harry and it was already clear on our trip back to Mount Isa this morning that this is a special boy. He was so placid and well behaved and sat immediately when asked so he has obviously had some training.
After a visit to our vet revealed that he had a microchip, his original owner was contacted, and we found out that Harry was nearly seven years old although he appears to be younger. His first owner had called him Bob and rehomed him a few years ago and was very sorry to hear that he had ended up in the pound.

She was able to tell us that he was an absolute gentleman when she had him and he was great with children, ducks, chooks, cats and other dogs - an all rounder. Although we do not know what has happened in recent years, all the evidence points to his being the same loveable and friendly boy. His constantly wagging tail tells us that he is still a happy dog but we have a gap in his history.

To meet this striking black and white Wolfhound X, ring Sue on 0456664255. PS: He is quite small and only just medium in size

Flash Harry

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